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Here, some snapshots of work I've done, besides the merchandise for sale which you'll find (and hopefully buy) at the Shop page.

Kaya Free Album Cover (2018)

Worked with Singer/Songwriter Kaya Free from the group Agati k'Imana, to adapt his latest album's cover into something that would look nice on a T-Shirt

nmrcgif.gif (2017)

I designed this multipage (Wordpress) website for the New Mainers Resource Centre Project, by Portland Adult Education (Maine, USA), where I worked as a Digital Strategy Consultant. After completing the website, I designed user manuals for staff keep the website updated themselves, without the need of a Webmaster (I basically fired myself).

SaCoDé.org (2016)

This multipage bilingual (Wix) website remains my favorite piece of work because I learnt to use and love Wix while designing it, but also because I'm deeply connected to the work this (Burundian) not-for-profit organization does. 

Rama Club Logo (2016)

Rama Club is a Burundian traditional dance club in Toronto, Canada. This logo represents a woman and a man in Kirundi traditional attire, dancing a Kirundi traditional dance. 

EVJC Logo (2010)

I gave the Eglise Vivante de Jésus-Christ logo from the 90s a much needed facelift.

Star Hotel Logo (2012)

This logo represents the 5 pillars/services of the establishment: accommodation, catering, business centre, fitness centre, and a (pretty big) swimming pool.

RamaClub.Org (2018)

I designed, (edited and translated) this colourful one-page (Wix) website for the Toronto traditional dance club to reflect their young, fun and tradition-meets-modern attitude.

The MAD Project (2013)

I contributed to Gwaga's (awesome) "MAD Project"by pitching scenario ideas.

#RealTalk - Web Series (2016)

RealTalk is a 7 episode web series I created for my blog This Burundian Life. I produced, (sometimes) scripted, directed, edited and subtitled all of the episodes, with my (RIP) iPhone 6. 

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