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It's the logo: Inká - the Cow, and Umūntu - the Human.

It is poetry, the richness of African languages and culture, where a word can mean a simple thing, but, with a twist of wisdom and wit, tell a story of love, of value, and respect.

It's relationships that we build; the favours, the gifts and the time we devout to each other to say, "You mean something to me!" It's community, it's family, it's all of us together... it's unity!

It's our wealth, provision, the ability to sow and harvest, to provide, to support and help each other grow. It's the power to shape and control our destinies.

InkáMūntu is a simple description of the obvious, but it's also a subtle reminder of who we are and where we're from. It's an expression of home, even when we're away from home.

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